America in the 1880s Review

American history is full of fascinating events ranging from the pilgrims’ arrival to the Declaration of Independence, from the Civil War to the first moon landing and beyond. Taking time to pause and study a certain time period or event in depth can be a rewarding endeavor. Marshall Publishing offers a selection of videos that are great resource for such studies.

Unbeknownst to most people, the 1880s was a decade filled with intriguing people and exponential growth and progress. I learned this when, as a member of the SchoolHouse Review Crew, I received a copy of The History of America in the 1880s to watch with my family. The 60 minute DVD is divided into 2 parts – a 30 minute overview of the decade’s highlights and a 30 minute dramatic reproduction of Alexander Graham Bell’s work.

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Zane Education Review

Zane Education: the motherlode of educational videos.

I had the opportunity to review a Gold Membership subscription with the Schoolhouse Review Crew this summer. Zane is so full of amenities, it’s hard to decide where to start this review!

My daughters (13 and 16) and I hopped around the Zane playground for a few weeks to get to know the site. I quickly realized that Zane is not a playground; it is a homeschooler’s/teacher’s TOOL CHEST of resources.

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