3 Keys to Fitting It All In

One of the most common questions people ask about educating your children is “How do you fit it all in?” There are so many opportunities and topics and subjects to cover throughout the course of a student’s K-12 education, how can anyone possibly cover all the bases?

The question is somewhat a red herring because the truth is, you can’t fit it all in, and you shouldn’t even try. Somewhere along the line, homeschoolers (and other teachers too!) learn that trying to fit in all the possibilities is a short cut to burnout and the quickest way to suck all the love of learning out of your student.

Any sense of accomplishment and success in education, homeschooling or otherwise, is in the basic, foundational approach. In reality there are just 3 key skills that will actually unlock everything else your student will ever need to study.

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No-Nonsense Algebra Review

There’s a reason that I became a writing teacher and not a math teacher: algebra.

If I could think about math in small, systematic bites like I can with the writing process, I’d be the perfect homeschooling mother. Thankfully, Richard Fisher’s No-Nonsense Algebra will bring any math-challenged mother of 8th graders and older into the realm of near perfection.

No-Nonsense Algebra is part of the award winning Math Essentials program designed by Richard Fisher. The algebra program includes a 300 page soft cover text/workbook and a personal code for accessing online videos for each lesson.

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Professor B Math Review

I hate math. I have always hated math – well, especially since high school where I had a well-meaning but misguided teacher who – instead of explaining HOW or WHY to do a problem in a certain way – simply just DID the problem on the board for us whenever we had a question. Needless to say, I spent my whole high school math career bumbling my way through C’s on homework and tests.

Me too, little buddy! Me too!

When it came to teaching math, then, to my own children, I vowed to find the right program that would explain things to us.

HA! Easier said than done.

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