Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens

Our Platinum Preppy Collection

When the average person thinks of fountain pens, he probably thinks of expensive, messy, old fashioned writing tools that only wealthy, sophisticated, Shakespearean professors with thousand dollar vocabularies use. However, sells an entry level fountain pen that even the most everyday person would enjoy using. Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens offer the average user an extremely affordable introduction to the world of classy, jazzy writing instruments. My kids and I have been using a variety of Platinum Preppy pens for the last few weeks, and here is our evaluation:

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Marvelous Miffy Gel Pens

Miffy Gel Pens A few weeks ago, I wrote an affectionate obituary for my favorite pen. A little looney, am I? Well, when you edit 100s of student papers each week, you get kind of attached to your writing instruments.

For the last three weeks, however, my daughters and I have been using a 10-pack of Dong-A Miffy Scented Gel Ink Pens from for school work, blog post drafts, journal entries, to-do lists, memos, signing cards, and any other excuse we can think of for writing with them. The barrels are decorated with the novelty Miffy bunny who is apparently quite popular in Japan, Korea, and the Netherlands. I think Miffy is magical. I barely miss my old Brown Pilot Hi-Tec C anymore! These pens are fabulous!

I have 10 good reasons why everyone should own a set of these gel pens:

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Farewell Fine-Point Friend

Long-favored writing instrument Pilot Hi-Tec C Gel Ink .5mm Brown died mid-sentence May 15, 2012, in Ms. B’s hand as she was making yet another to-do list for her tremendously busy teenagers. Pilot Hi-Tec C .5mm Brown died of common exhaustion after a full life of service at Writing Foundations headquarters. A memorial service was held at the dining room table later that afternoon with Ms. B. and her 13 year old daughter in attendance.

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