Chemical Lobotomy Redux

I used to keep a blog from 2004-2008 called Darjeelingirl. It is archived now but still accessible, and I enjoy clicking through it every now and then. I’ve come a long way in my Christian walk and no longer agree with some of the things I wrote back then, but as a family we’ve had some great times. One of these days, I have to get the posts bound in paper form for my kids to enjoy as they grow older.

One minute you’re defending the whole galaxy; the next thing you know, you’re sucking down darjeeling with Marie Antionette and her little sister.
~Buzz Lightyear

One of the posts from January 2005, especially, I never want to lose, so I am going to repost it here. It tells the story of how I discovered just how poisonous artificial sweeteners are. Sometimes I wonder if these chemicals are causing half the anxiety and mental illnesses that people seek medications for. If only they knew that relief could be found by simply avoiding diet pop! The links will be disconnected, but a quick Google search these days will bring up a hundred times what was available on the topic back then.

Chemical Lobotomy

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The Inner Spellist

When I work with high school students in my writing classes, I see tangible improvements in grammar and punctuation usage. I see the ability to compose a paragraph come to life. I also see timed essays worth scores of 5 and 6 but for one thing: spelling errors galore.

Is it common for students to make great strides in grammar, punctuation, and other writing skills but still not be able to spell their way out of a wet paper bag? It certainly is. Spelling occurs in a specific part of the brain. Handwriting has its part, and composing (getting thoughts on paper) has its part. Structuring sentences, choosing words, using punctuation, typing, and so on, each use a different part of the brain. Insisting that the act of writing — complete with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation — is one big skill that a kid can master simply by writing more is one of the worst forms of educational malpractice out there.

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Left Brain vs Right Brain

Are You Left or Right Brain?
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