It’s Portfolio Time!

It is Portfolio Time at Writing Foundations again. During spring semester each year, students polish up a collection of their best assignments and write reflections on what they learned from each assignment and how they have seen their skills grow. They open their portfolios with an introduction page that shares a bit about their experience in Writing Foundations. A few students have enthusiastically offered to share their introductions with the world. Enjoy! :D

From Colin, a Level One student:

Writing Foundations I is an intriguing and challenging class that has helped me become a skilled writer. Before I took this class, any paper or essay I wrote was dull and boring. Even my handwriting was intolerable, but after writing a few papers in Writing Foundations, my handwriting improved immensely. I have also learned that there are more than just essays and fables. Writing Foundations I has taught me how to write papers in steps versus just writing the rough draft and then typing it up. I now write all my papers in steps even outside of this class. Writing in steps helps the author stay concentrated on the information he/she needs. In this class I also learned about different types of speech. For example, I didn’t even know alliteration existed! After taking Writing Foundations I, I have found that I have grown in my knowledge of writing significantly.

From Savanna, a Level One student:

Writing Foundations is an auspicious home education cooperative class that helps students like me skyrocket in my vocabulary knowledge and writing style. During my two years of classes with our beloved and humorous teacher, Ms. B., my confidence and ability in writing and ALL forms of communicating has improved infinitely. For example, I have been able to speak more fluently while using an enormous quantity of intriguing words; I have grasped the power of greater vocabulary in writing; and I have grown to be more comfortable with multitudinous forms of writing such as summaries, fables, and storytelling (FTBs). I always look forward to Ms. B’s intense and suspenseful games, such as the great and well-known “dice game”. Writing Foundations classes may be frustrating at times, but in the long run they might very well be the most valuable classes of my lifetime. Ms. B. is truly talented and has, thankfully, followed a path where she not only uses her God-given talents to the best of her ability, but she also commendably shares her talents with others. Ms. B and Writing Foundations are gifts from God!

From Simeon, a Level One student:

Writing Foundations writing classes are the most outstanding and scintillating classes that have taught me innumerable writing techniques. This year in Ms. B’s Writing Foundations class, I completed summaries of stories, personal storytelling (FTBs), fables, and grammar error searches (Gwups). Aside from our multitudinous writing assignments, in class my classmates and I played games including “The Dice Game” where we had fierce war-like competitions for invaluable awards of monkey stickers. In addition to our weekly writing assignments each week, we completed “Wow Word” definitions and survived brutal, hamster-brain killing quizzes. We also kept a journal each week to exercise our word muscles. Our class is known for our eruptive and contentious team tournaments. Laughter abounds! My favorite aspect of Writing Foundations is the feeling of success and accomplishment I gain each week. I am satisfied to know my capabilities continue to grow. I am enormously thankful for Ms. B and her talents for writing and teaching. I know her classes, the knowledge I have gained, and the memories I have made will accompany me for the rest of my life.

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