Bibliographies Gone Wild! Free Download!

The weblings and I created a new version of a bibliography game tonight. We’re on week 8 of the webinar classes and in the middle of writing summaries from a single source.

First we gathered the bib ingredients for this source on Demosthenes. From there the kids cooked up the formatted bib in the CDP (chat-dicussion-participation) box.

We can’t show the double spacing or indenting in the CDP box, but everything else counted – capitals, periods, commas, apostrophes, italics, etc. We used asterisks to indicate italics. Each student had ONE SHOT to offer up a 100% correct bib entry, so they did not rush. The key was detailed accuracy. As we often fondly refer to the source of our brain power, the little hamsters were surely panting after the workout! The winners won extra bonus stars that students are collecting for a year-end gift card award. It was a blast and great fun!

My in-person co-op students play a similar game in teams of 3 or 4, and it is a race. Everyone on the team has to write out the bib on a sheet of paper. In this version, everything counts – double spacing, indenting, italics (shown by underlining), punctuation, etc. A team member brings the papers up to me, and I read over their work. If there are any errors, I point them out and back they go to fix minor errors or completely restart for major problems. The first team to get every bib 100% correct wins the game and everyone on the team gets a “monkey sticker” – a 10-fold bonus ticket!

Bibliographies can be ruthless creatures, so I have created a handout that streamlines the information for my students. I am delighted to share it here with you. Just click the image below to download a pdf copy. Please share with others by directing them to this page. Empower your kids to show those bibs who’s boss!

Here’s the recipe we use to gather the ingredients according to the MLA Handbook 7th edition!

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