I think I know what a humble little stone in a sling shot might feel just before being released into the wild blue yonder. I can feel the tension… pulling, pulling, pulling… back, back, back… and suddenly Tuesday morning I will be launched into the new school year!

I will have 17 classes this year, and most of them are filled to overflowing! It was a surprising turnout, considering the economy and all. I’m ready though. NerdGirl and I made over 70 handouts which multiplied to somewhere around 30,000 copies for 250 students.

I am down to just two of my own kids now that the oldest has packed up and moved on to college *sniff!!* Thankfully, I have had NerdGirl and Fashionista up and running on their own homeschool work for a couple weeks now. They also have their co-op texts, notebooks, and packpacks all ready to go.

So I was sitting here on this Labor Day Weekend (Ha! What an ironic holiday name when you are a teacher, right? ;-) ), and I got to thinking, I better make a schedule for next week so I know when to get up in the morning and where to be when… Good thought, huh?

Of course I headed straight to the Mothership of Free Calendar Downloads,, looking for a weekly calendar. I couldn’t find one that fit my needs though, so I whipped up my own.

Since it took me a whole 1 minute and 36 seconds to make, I thought I’d share it with you. ;-)

Download away, and blessings on your new school year! May you all land precisely where you are supposed to!

6AM to 10PM Weekly Calendar


  1. Really- less than two minutes? I need to take computer form lessons from you. Thanks for the handy download. Your daughter sounds like a great helper.

    • I’ve made these years before and for some reason it just clicked this time – I knew exactly how many columns and rows I would need from the get go, and with a couple clicks this time, voila! It was a rare lucid moment for me. ;-)

      THANK YOU for writing your day in the life post! I was blessed tremendously by it!

  2. Thanks for the form!! :)

  3. I love–so many great downloads! As much as I love scheduling and planning, I have never planned our day hour-by-hour. I think I’m afraid of failure..ha! Maybe I should try it this year and see if it helps us stay on track better. Thanks for sharing!

    • Believe-you-me, I don’t make a schedule like this unless I *have to*! With obligations to show up to teach someone else’s kids at a certain time, I need a little something to keep me focused. Otherwise I might forget and just stay in my jammies all day! ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by, Lora!

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