940 Saturdays

I was reading over at Jennifer’s blog, and she said something that deeply moved me today:

Recently I read that we have 940 Saturdays with our children from birth until their 18th birthday. For my girls those are more than halfway gone. I hope we have many more as fun filled as this one.

I experienced a wave of those 940 Saturdays tonight when my oldest took a moment from packing for college to show me a picture that he found in the bottom of his dresser. He had drawn it when he was 8.

All I could think was, did I appreciate this back then as much as I do now? Did I tell him how wonderful it is, how wonderful he is? Did he know back then how much I love him? All I could do was cry as he gave me a big hug.

940 Saturdays… surely I did tell him how wonderful the picture was, and I have told him that I love him all along, but I would still give anything to go back and do it all again. Those moments just don’t stick hard enough. Kids grow up way too fast.

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