Zane Education Review

Zane Education: the motherlode of educational videos.

I had the opportunity to review a Gold Membership subscription with the Schoolhouse Review Crew this summer. Zane is so full of amenities, it’s hard to decide where to start this review!

My daughters (13 and 16) and I hopped around the Zane playground for a few weeks to get to know the site. I quickly realized that Zane is not a playground; it is a homeschooler’s/teacher’s TOOL CHEST of resources.

Zane Education provides a plethora of videos on educational topics such as artworks, art history, authors, literature, historical periods, science, math, psychology. Some videos are appropriate for students as young as six, some should only be viewed by older, more mature students (like human sexuality and reproduction).

While my 16 year old was reading through a world lit unit on literature from India, she watched the video on British Imperialism of India and found it very informative.

Whatever topic your student is studying, you will find something at Zane to compliment it.

The videos are subtitled at the bottom of the screen – every single one of them – so they meet the needs of both auditory and visual learners. This comes in handy for growing readers as well as those with hearing needs.

Interactive Quizzes
Each of the topics that Zane offers also has a corresponding interactive quiz. We found it helpful to take the quiz BEFORE watching the video to see how well we could do. The quiz gives your score and reviews the correct answers with you. After watching the topic, we took the quiz again, and it was a delight to see the improvement.

Middle Ages History Through Art Quiz-1

User Guides
Zane offers a large selection of user guides with suggestions and directions for getting the most of your subscription to meet your student’s needs. There are guides for parents of students with ADHD, Autism, Gifted, Visual, Hearing issues, and many more.

I particularly appreciated the The Home Learning Guide and The Christian Learning Guide that come with the Gold Membership. I used the catalogues to find and match videos for the topics that we wanted to study. It was great for planning.

The Christian Learning Guide offers lots of tips and insights for how to use the non-biblical assertions in some of the videos (particularly evolution) as a spring board for discussion about world views. It also provides supplemental discussion, a list of pertinent videos, review questions, and a list of resources to round out every topic that Zane covers.

From the introduction of The Christian Home Learning Guide:

The Christian Home Learning Guide, written by Marshall Foster and Ron Ball, is designed to present the evangelical Christian view of the mainstream subjects taught in school today and featured on Zane Education’s Learning Video’s. It is designed for the parents of Christian homeschoolers, as well as the parents of children in public and private schools, who wish to provide their children with the Christian view of world history, science, and literature.
Zane is proud to be a leader in electronically publishing mainstream school curricula— secularly preparing our children and our world for the twenty-first century. Zane also is proud to be publishing the Christian Home Learning Guides, which offers a Christian perspective of the humanities and sciences. Zane is most proud, however, to be publishing both together—preparing children today for success in the secular world in which we live, while also providing them the framework to reconcile this secular knowledge with their religious beliefs.

Zane Education is a reasonable investment, especially if you want the convenience of EDUCATIONAL videos at your fingertips. In contrast to sites like Youtube, with Zane you don’t have to worry about your students being assaulted by inappropriate images in the ads column when they are learning about the decline of the Roman Empire. Mom doesn’t have to spend a whole lot of time searching for educational videos either – the handy catalogues list them all at your fingertips, which is great for planning.

The videos can make a wonderful audio/visual supplement to your current curriculum. For example, we are going to watch videos that will coincide with our Middle Ages study this fall. The video information will come in handy when we do notebooking and make lapbooks.

The videos would also be great asset to those who thrive on the unit study approach in their homeschool.

Zane’s site is designed to be used in conjunction with an established curriculum, which you would already have on your own, or they can expertly provide it with their variety of guides.

It’s not very exciting to randomly choose a video and watch for fun. The videos seem to be rescued filmstrips from when I was a kid in school – which can be good for some topics. But they do drone on, and if you don’t have a good reason for watching, it won’t be very interesting. The science videos that we watched, like Did Comets Kill the Dinosaurs?, talked about evolution like it was the newest, greatest discovery ever.

Zane Education offers a variety of membership options to fit a variety of homeschooling budgets. Check Zane out today!


Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product at no cost to me in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine alone.

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