NOT Back to Homeschool Blog Hop: Curriculum

This week the iHomeschool Network is hosting the 4th Annual NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop. Each week in August will cover a topic pertaining to the new school year.

This week’s topic is Curriculum. If you were following the TOS SchoolHouse Review Crew Blog Hop last week, I posted about our favorite curriculum over the years here.

Because it’s fun to share and compare what the multitudinous varieties of homeschoolers do for curriculum each year (there are almost 400 blogs to hop already!), let me share our curriculum list for the year:

11th grader

English Language Arts
Writing Foundations Tutor Assistant
PSEO Public Speaking via North Central University
Grammar of Poetry with little sis
Lightning Lit – We just haven’t decided which unit yet to come after the poetry…
King Alfred’s English

PSEO American History via North Central University
Student Senate

MathUSee Algebra and beyond

Gap year – PSEO Biology and Physical Science next year

Psalms/Proverbs 5 Month Reading Plan (Free PDF download for you, too! ;-) )

Fine Arts
Acting 3

Foreign Language
PSEO Spanish via North Central University

Post High School Transitions/Ed Skills 2

8th grader

English Language Arts
Writing Foundations Level 1
Grammar of Poetry with big sis
Spelling Apples I & II
Lightning Lit – We just haven’t decided which unit to come after the poetry…

Mystery of History Volume II – Middle Ages
King Alfred’s English


Apologia General Science via co-op class

Notgrass – Acts

Fine Arts
Acting 2
Drawing co-op class
Cartooning co-op class

Whew! What a list! I’m rather proud of the planning we’ve done! This will definitely keep us busy this year! Are your students using any of the same curriculum? Leave a comment below and share your experience!

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Have fun hopping through more than 400 other blogs!

Enjoy the juicy goodness as you prepare for your new school year!


  1. You have some great resources here. Thanks for making it.


  2. This gets me excited about all the subjects my daughters will be able to participate in (public speaking, acting, etc.) as they get older!

  3. Wow! I still have little ones! Happy High Schooling! :-D

  4. Great planning. I hope to have mind finalized soon. Yikes, what a job, huh? Great resources, Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s a continuous process, isn’t it? I just ripped apart my 8th graders MOH to put it in a useable format – and then I remembered my new spiral binding machine! ooooh! Gotta reprint the workbook now… ;-)

  5. Selena Jacob says:

    Well scheduled curriculum list. Your blog has some great resources. I just search through the web to collect some homeschool information to getting ready to educate my kid. Just like your thought I found similar information here too.

  6. I’m creating a blogroll of blogs that blog (at least occasionally) about homeschooling high school. ( I came across yours today and would LOVE to add it. If you would consider this, could you email me? Thanks in advance! Blessings…Kerry

  7. My kids are in the 8th and 10th grades and this is their curriculum:
    10th Grade Girl(15,16 in late Sept.): Math- Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2, Science-Apologia Chemistry,English- McGuffey Readers grade 10, History- Bob Jones University Press World History Subject Kit Grade 10, French- Rosetta Stone, Art/Music- crafting and sewing lessons from Nana, P.E.- Yoga and Zumba classes with Mom
    8th Grade Boy(13,14 in mid May): Math- Teaching Textbooks Pre- Algrebra plus Kuhn Academy as a reveiw, Science- Apologia Physical Science,English- Bob Jones University Press Excursions in Literature Subject Kit,History- Diana Warning’s History Alive Book 3, French- Rosetta Stone, Art/Music-Gutiar lessons, P.E.- Soccer in the fall,basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring
    There you have it!

    • Fantastic! That looks like a well-rounded plan. Don’t you just love mixing and matching the curriculum that fits your kid best? It’s one of the greatest perks of homeschooling.

      I sure have enjoyed reaping the rewards of the relationships we have built through homeschooling, too. You really start to see the fruit in the high school years.

      Blessings on your new school year, and thanks for stopping by!

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