Da Planners! Da Planners!

Have you ever been at a homeschool curriculum fair and been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of EVERYTHING? If only you could camp out at such an event for a week or so and get familiar with all your options.

SchoolHouseTeachers.com is a little bit like that at first. It is a smorgasbord of practical and useful homeschool resources, and after a month or so, I still feel like I have only scratched the surface of what it offers. Part of the reason for that could be that SchoolHouseTeachers.com is constantly adding new material to the already ample selection of materials.

Basically, SchoolHouseTeachers.com is divided into 4 major categories, and I will try to give you some highlights of each area.

SchoolHouseTeachers is the area that provides weekly downloadable lessons written by some of the best and brightest in the homeschooling community at large. There are literature lessons by Adam Andrews, geography lessons by Terri Johnson, history/geography lessons by Diana Waring, writing lessons by Kim Kautzer, and many more!

In my introductory dip into this teeming ocean of knowledge, I zeroed in on the Figures in History lessons by Cathy Diez-Luckie. In April and May, she provided weekly lessons on Justinian and Theodora that are still available to subscribers in the archives. There are cut-out figures to color and set up, pdfs with fascinating background information, a writing assignment to “complete the conversation” this historical figure had with another, and art project, and more for each historical person. In August, Diez-Luckie’s lessons will focus on Betsy Ross – just in time for fall lessons in American History.

Sample Figures in History lesson.

Besides being a trip to spell (dailies, dailies, dailies…), the SchoolHouseDailies area simply amazes me. At this time there are short, sweet, solid DAILY lesson plans for the Summer Olympics, grammar, math, writing, explorers, pre-K activities, Shakespeare, this day in history, and even a monthly menu! Most of the lessons have downloadable handouts of information or student work and lots of resourceful links for additional study.

Daily Writing

Daily Math

Ditch the Desk is designed with hands on lessons for grades K-5, and I’m sorely tempted to borrow some little kids from the neighborhood so we can enjoy the upcoming lessons for August on weird weather and natural disasters!

In the SchoolHouseExtras department, subscribers have access to current and all back issues of The Old SchoolHouse Magazine.* I love the encouraging articles, full color photos, and clickable ads. It’s so easy to research new curriculum!

SchoolHouseTeachers.com subscribers also receive downloads for myriad e-books on topics that range from unit studies, thematic studies, bible studies, parent enrichment and education, and lots of encouragement for Mom. There is a wide range of topics – unit studies on becoming a chef, explorers, and alpacas; devotionals for Mom; and fascinating articles about educational issues like myths about pre-school, or cultural issues like belief in aliens and evolution. The selection for e-books expands the longer you are a member. New materials are added every month!

However, the most exciting part of the SchoolHouseExtras, is, of course,…

Da Planners!!! Da Planners!!!

Homeschool moms are notorious for planning and organizing, and these resources will help fulfill the peaceful and orderly fantasies of every breed of planner. For the general big-picture types to the nitty-gritty detailed type, SchoolHouseTeachers.com planners put Franklin-Covey to shame when it comes to keeping every. single. home. schooling. and. home. management. task. in line. There are mix and match pages for calendars, checklists, transcripts, inventories, goals, templates, menus, notebooking pages, and even more, if you can believe it!

There are 5 different planners to work with – a general homeschooling planner for Mom, a planner for families with special needs, a high school planner, a middle school planner, and a primary planner. Subscribers to SchoolHouseTeachers.com have access to them all!

Sample Notebooking page.

My girls and I are using the weekly and monthly calendar pages as we plan for the fall. We will be dipping into the other pages as the school year progresses.

The PDF is organized with clickable buttons for easy access to the pages that you need.

Last but not least, SchoolHouseTeachers.com offers a general library section where they keep downloadable copybooks, homeschooling articles, reading lists, art ideas, craft ideas, lesson plan archives, and more! There’s always more!

Visit SchoolHouseTeachers.com for a virtual tour, samples, and subscription options. Become a member for just $1 for your first month, and only $5.95/month afterwards. That’s cheaper than a Netflix subscription! ;-)

For more ideas for how to use SchoolHouseTeachers.com in your homeschool, check out the Review Crew posts by clicking the image below.


Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received a subscription to SchoolHouseTeachers.com at no cost to me in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine alone.

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  1. Da planners- just what I need! I downloaded mine today to help with my procrastinated organizing.

    • I hear ya! It’s great at how customizable these are. I probably use only a fraction of what they provide – I’m just too loosey goosey! Who knew there were so many different ways to schedule your day? A type A person would think she had died and gone to heaven at the sight of these planners!

  2. So many great things! The planners really do afford so many options.

  3. So cool! They definitely have a lot to offer. I still can’t believe you get ALL the planners! Those things are jam packed!!

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