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When the average person thinks of fountain pens, he probably thinks of expensive, messy, old fashioned writing tools that only wealthy, sophisticated, Shakespearean professors with thousand dollar vocabularies use. However, sells an entry level fountain pen that even the most everyday person would enjoy using. Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens offer the average user an extremely affordable introduction to the world of classy, jazzy writing instruments. My kids and I have been using a variety of Platinum Preppy pens for the last few weeks, and here is our evaluation:

10 Platinum Preppy Plusses

  1. A variety of brilliant colors – Platinum Preppy pens come in a variety of delightful colors: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, and black.
  2. Two nib sizes – Choose 03 for fine writing like editing between lines of student papers, and 05 for those who prefer a bolder line with greater contrast.
  3. Easy to install and replace cartridges – The cartridges are built with a small ball bearing inside to regulate the flow of ink. Users need only to keep the pen upright, press the nib into the cartridge, wait a few minutes for the ink to flow, and voila! To remove the cartridge, keep the pen pointed upwards and gently pull the ink container off.
  4. Quick-drying ink with excellent coverage – The ink dries nicely in a matter of nano-seconds.
  5. Platinum Preppy Purple in 03 and 05

  6. Effective ink/nib tension – This pen has greater resistance on paper than a ball point pen much like a pencil, but it is not slippery like a gel pen. You can feel the tension as you write, but it does not weary your hand. Fountain pen users often prefer this sensation for greater control over their handwriting.
  7. Long-lasting ink supply – We’ve barely made a dent in the cartridges the pens come with, even after daily usage for notes and rough drafts over the past month.
  8. Very affordable! A single Platinum Preppy pen with cartridge costs $3.30. Refill cartridges in assorted colors come in packages of 2 for just $1.65!
  9. Excellent weight – With the cover on the end of the barrel, Preppies are lightweight, but not too light. The width of the barrel is greater than a ball point pen and fits even my small hand comfortably.
  10. Withstands altitude changes – Although users must be careful when they carry fountain pens on airplanes and to different altitudes, we found no problem with the pens leaking as we traveled from Minnesota, through Colorado, and down to the California coast. Every pen contained itself the whole way quite nicely.
  11. Easy to clean – By design, fountain pens need periodic cleaning. Platinum Preppy nibs need only a good rinse in cool water, and off they go again.

A Couple Platinum Preppy Notes

  1. As with any fountain pen, you must keep Platinum Preppy Fountain pens covered when not in use. The ink does dry easily (a good thing on paper), but that can clog the nib (an easy to fix thing under cool water).
  2. The Platinum Preppy ink will bleed if you paper gets wet, so they may not be the best choice for journaling by the pool. ;-)

Final Recommendation

The Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen from is a great beginner pen for those who desire to dive in to the world of fountain pens. A pen or two would make a great graduation gift for college-bound students or a thank you gift for teachers, or birthday/Christmas gift for stationery lovers.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I received a $25 gift certificate from to purchase a couple Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens and a few other items in exchange for my honest review of those items. I have received no other compensation for this review. Join the fine writers of the world. Buy a Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen of your very own!


  1. My girls enjoy writing with bright colors and glitter ink. I don’t think that I’ve ever written with an actual fountain pen.

    • Ooooh, now that makes me think of a glitter ink fountain pen. That would be sweet! I think the glitter would interfere with a fountain pen’s mechanics though, unfortunately.

      Nonetheless, there’s something magical about fun pens, especially when practicing handwriting or doing schoolwork in general, isn’t there? ;-)

  2. My husband can write beautifully with a fountain pen but honestly I’ve never been able to use one that well. These look like great pens and I love the variety of colors and point sizes they come in. I might have to give fountain pen writing another chance with these pens!

    • I find that my handwriting is better with a fountain pen. Something about how you have to hold them forces me to make more legible letters. I’ve read that that is a common experience for fountain pen users.

      I like the Preppies because they are so inexpensive – the danger, though, is upgrading – the more expensive fountain pens get, the niiiiiiiicer they write, and it’s so hard to go back from there! ;-)

  3. My husband has a pen collection. He loves really good pens. Me? I’m fine with a cheap-o. :) These look fun!

  4. I have never used this type of pen, although I’ve often been curious about them. This review was very interesting!

  5. I had a fountain pen set a loooong time ago and loved the way it looked when writing but hated the complexity of the pen. These look easy to use and fun colors, too! Thanks for this review!!

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