Marvelous Miffy Gel Pens

Miffy Gel Pens A few weeks ago, I wrote an affectionate obituary for my favorite pen. A little looney, am I? Well, when you edit 100s of student papers each week, you get kind of attached to your writing instruments.

For the last three weeks, however, my daughters and I have been using a 10-pack of Dong-A Miffy Scented Gel Ink Pens from for school work, blog post drafts, journal entries, to-do lists, memos, signing cards, and any other excuse we can think of for writing with them. The barrels are decorated with the novelty Miffy bunny who is apparently quite popular in Japan, Korea, and the Netherlands. I think Miffy is magical. I barely miss my old Brown Pilot Hi-Tec C anymore! These pens are fabulous!

I have 10 good reasons why everyone should own a set of these gel pens:

  1. Brilliant Colors – The 10-pack came with pink, red, orange, yellow, dark and light green, dark and light blue, purple, and black. Other colors, such as blue-black, lavender, brown, and more, are available to purchase individually. The colors are solid, bright, and clean. The red looks red, not orange; the 2 blue shades are noticeably different; same with the green.The black is black, not greyish, and so on.
  2. Smooth Ink – I can’t get over this aspect. The ink in these Miffy Gels is incredible. The consistency is so smooth! The pen glides over the paper with very little resistance that might otherwise bother a wrist with carpal tunnel (I know!). It’s smooth, but not slimy. The tips do not blob, glop, or develop ink boogers that you have to periodically wipe off with a tissue.
  3. Fast Drying – The ink dries in an instant! I challenged the ink to smear by wiping my finger over a word as quickly as I could, and I had to be pretty fast to get Miffy Green Gel Pen there before it dried. Students taking notes in class would never have to worry about dyeing the sides of their hands and pinky fingers while waiting between important points.
  4. Long Lasting- I lost the cap to the pink pen about a week ago. It’s been resting with the tip upwards in my pen basket, and it hasn’t quit on me yet! Most gel pens are notorious for giving up the ghost after just 24 hours without a cap. Not so with Miffy Pink. Just a quick scribble, and off it goes again, good as new.
  5. .5mm AND .7mm Fine Tip in One – The Miffy Gels are labeled .5mm, but they are not so pointy and scratchy as some .5mms are. This tip would please both .5mm and .7mmm lovers. The tip is extra fine, but the smooth ink coverage is ample enough to make it feel .7mm-ish. It’s a happy medium I find appealing.
  6. Comfortable, Lightweight Barrel – Most gel pens have awkward ridges for the cap where the barrel meets the metal part that holds the tip. Miffy’s crystal clear barrel has subtle indents for finger placement, and the ridge that catches the cap is very shallow so it doesn’t cut into your fingers when you grip it.
  7. They’re Scented! – Now they all smell the same to me, but it is a clean, light, fruity smell. It is not overpowering in any way, just a light, quickly dissapating, pleasant sent.
  8. Super Price – As quality 10-pack gel pen sets go, this Dong-A Miffy set comes at a great price: $11.99. Individual pens are just $1.10 each.
  9. Add to Your Trendy Stationery CollectionThe cute little Miffy character and her friend adorn each pen. If you have always wanted to be a fan of famous Dutch bunnies in Asian pop-culture, these pens would be a great way to start your collection.
  10. Great Gift Idea – This Dong-A Miffy Scented Gel Pen Set would make a wonderful graduation gift, birthday gift, or stocking stuffer. They should be on everyone’s Back-to-School list. Folks of all ages, elementary, middle, high school, college, scrapbookers, and beyond, would love these pens. You can check them out at

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I received a $25 gift certificate from to purchase this Miffy Gel Pen set and a couple other items in exchange for my honest review of those items. I have received no other compensation for this review. Don’t ask me to share my Miffy Gel Pens. Go buy your own.


  1. I love Miffys! I use them all the time for school work and handwritten drafts! They’re so nice! I like the light-blue best. :)

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