Farewell Fine-Point Friend

Long-favored writing instrument Pilot Hi-Tec C Gel Ink .5mm Brown died mid-sentence May 15, 2012, in Ms. B’s hand as she was making yet another to-do list for her tremendously busy teenagers. Pilot Hi-Tec C .5mm Brown died of common exhaustion after a full life of service at Writing Foundations headquarters. A memorial service was held at the dining room table later that afternoon with Ms. B. and her 13 year old daughter in attendance.

Pilot Hi-Tec C .5mm Brown arrived at Ms. B’s residence with a large entourage of fellow Pilot Hi-Tec C instruments from JetPens.com in September 2010. Over the last 20 months, Brown’s rich earthy tone eventually became Ms. B’s favorite pen, taking the place of her former favorite Pilot Hi-Tec C .5mm Violet who had passed on months earlier. The coroner’s investigation proved that Violet had also died of natural causes, and foul play was not suspected.

Brown served Ms. B. faithfully through a variety of tasks, and his longevity is notable. Week after week, the chocolate-colored tool soothed Ms. B’s psyche as he poured himself out in personal journaling, grocery lists, and phone messages. Professionally, Basic Brown never skipped or hesitated when correcting punctuation. The punctilious pen boldly applied encouraging smiley faces and comments like “Rock On, Pulchritudinous Writer!” to numerous papers. Brown’s warm, captivating color did not sting or strain Ms. B’s eyes like an alarming red or a pale blue might by the end of a busy workday.

Ms. B. has found the Hi-Tec C family of writing instruments extremely useful in her work as a writing tutor and editor. The earthy-hued .5mm family member provided precise control and excellent ink coverage as she edited hundreds of student papers throughout the year. Even with its extra fine tip, Pilot Hi-Tec C .5mm Brown offered a warm, appealing contrast on white paper that never smeared or smudged. The modest needle point pen was always able to manage legible comments in tight spaces. Unlike standard gels, the specially formulated Hi-Tec C ink dried upon the paper instantly. Like the rest of his kin, Brown never blobbed from the tip, and thus, never required any tissue-wasting tip-wiping or side rolling scribbles on scratch paper.

Pilot Hi-Tech C .5mm Brown is survived by an immediate .5mm family of Apricot, Coral, Strawberry, Wisteria, and Soda Blue, and an extended family of even more precise .25mm, .3mm, and .4mm pens in multiple shades of rainbow colors. The Pilot Hi-Tech C family of pens is very popular in Japan and most frequently found in the US via JetPens.com.

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This review is entirely Ms. B’s personal opinion. JetPens.com has not paid her in any manner to write a loving obituary for her dearly departed Pilot Hi-Tec C .5mm Brown pen.

However, as fate and coincidence may have it, JetPens.com has recently offered Ms. B. a $25 gift certificate to purchase and review other pens of her choice. Stay tuned for future reviews of these gems: Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens 03 Fine Nib Purple and 05 Medium Nib Pink; Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Gel Ink Pen 0.5mm Orange and Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Gel Ink Pen 0.7mm Orange; and Dong-A Miffy Scented Gel Ink Pens 0.5mm 10 Color Set. The reviews will come as soon as Ms. B. can pry them out of her offsprings’ pen-fanatic hands. The consensus so far can be summed up in one single word: SQUEEEEEEE!


  1. Goodbye, Brownie! You will live on in our hearts!

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